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Global Brand Standards Update - Česká komora PMI

PMI will soon be launching a new set of brand standards, guidelines and messaging designed to increase recognition and consistency of the PMI brand worldwide. This new brand image reflects the exciting combination of both the precise and disciplined way project practitioners go about their work, as well as the passion and enthusiasm that a project manager who is affiliated with PMI brings to his or her organization.

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When we formally launch the new materials on 8 September, you will experience PMI's brand update on PMI.org in many different ways:

  • An improved experience, based on PMI.org user feedback that includes simplified page layouts, improved functionality, easier navigation and quicker access to the most important pages
  • More visual cues to the information rotating through the highlight panels on the homepage
  • Refreshed copy and content that positions PMI and all of our stakeholders more favorably with Internet search engines
  • Fewer clicks to access PMI's PDU reporting system (CCRS)
  • Automated redirects to ensure continuous access to your favorite bookmarks and links
  • More direct access to PMI's global standards, such as the PMBOK Guide®

After extensive user testing, we are confident that the new PMI.org will exceed your expectations.

We are eager to share the new PMI.org with you, starting 8 September, so stay tuned! If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact us at .


Best Regards,Lesley BakkerLesley Bakker
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